Grup TCB modernises its Turkish terminal with eight new leading-edge machines


IMG_4998TCEEGE, the Grup TCB container terminal located in Nemrut Bay in Izmir, Turkey, has incorporated new equipment with the latest technology in its facilities. The equipment consists of a reach stacker, an empty container handler and six platforms and these seek to optimise loading and unloading operations for all ships operating in the terminal.

The acquisition is part of the strategic plan of Grup TCB and the terminals it manages. Promoting and developing technological innovation are a priority for the company, with the aim of remaining at the forefront of logistics operations internationally and thus being able to offer its customers an efficient, flexible and quality service, so it will continue to commit itself to this modernisation strategy.

With the new reach stacker, TCEEGE is improving its operational capacity to increase the stowage of containers up to five high and three horizontal rows. The technical equipment allows it to optimise fuel consumption and meet the stringent emissions standards in force in Turkey.

The empty container handler can stow containers of 20 and 40 feet up to seven high, which improves the storage capacity and management of such containers.

Finally, the platforms acquired will provide greater fluidity to the internal flow of the terminal and increase the productivity provided to ships.

Mehmet Bosna, Director General of TCEEGE, said: “Our terminal is experiencing an increase in demand thanks to the geostrategic potential of the Aliaga area as an enclave between East and West and to the capacity of our modern facilities. Now we have gone a step further in technological innovation to improve the service we provide to our customers, committing ourselves to efficiency, safety, quality and the environment.”