Griffin streamlines crew rotation


Marine travel specialist Griffin Global Group  has announced a new platform aimed at streamlining the management of crew rotations in the marine and offshore industries.

Speaking at the GBTA Oil, Gas & Marine Travel Symposium held in Rotterdam, Executive Chairman Simon Morse outlined Griffin’s ‘Crew Rotation Management’ which extends the scope of their service from point-to-point air travel to provide a fully integrated ‘door-to-deck’ solution. Using Griffin’s Homeport system the cost of planned crew schedules can be uploaded and benchmarked against live operational and financial information triggering an alert to highlight any change falling outside agreed performance criteria.

According to Bart van Doorn, Group Procurement Manager, Vroon BV, this takes the management of the door-to-deck process “to a new level in which the TMC can really partner with their clients, providing a full seamless and transparent service. Crew Rotation Management will definitely change the industry.”