Greeks top Secondhand purchase markets


Greek ship owners once again dominated the S&P markets by acquiring a total of 146 second hand vessels woth $6.8 billion in the seven months to the end of July, according to data compiled by shipbrokers Allied Shipbroking.

Of them, 86 were dry bulk carriers, 51 were tankers and nine were container ships. These figures place the country’s maritime industry in the top spot for second hand sales, while at the same time point to the continued large popularity of dry bulk carriers as freight rates continue to rise, reported the Hellenic Shipping News Agency.

On a global basis, the value of second hand deals reached almost $25bn, accounting for a total of 819 ships of 38.3 million tons. Dry bulk carriers were the most popular with 416 of them, of 16.4m tonnes and with a value of $12bn changing hands. A total of 272 tankers of 19.3m tons and worth $8.9bn changed hands during the period.

China was in second place, with the country’s shipping companies acquiring 67 ships worth $2.2bn. Of this total, 28 were bulk carriers while 36 were tankers. German ship owners took third place with purchases of 38 second hand ships in total. Container ships were the most popular with 18 being added, while owners took an additional 14 tankers and six dry bulk carriers.

On the contrary, new building order activity hasn’t been that intense with Allied placing the total number of orders at 119 vessels, worth $8.2bn. This compares with 303 ships of 25.3m tons and worth $16.8bn during the same 2007 period.