Grandweld makes grand tug delivery to Bourbon Supply Investissements



Grandweld, part of the GMMOS Group, has delivered the Bourbon Yack to Bourbon Supply Investissements, France, the first in a series of four high-performance ASD terminal escort tugs scheduled for delivery throughout 2009.

Designed for berthing and unberthing large ships, particularly oil and LNG tankers at exposed terminals, the vessels provide a high standard of tanker escort capability alongside emergency response and fire-fighting facilities in the vicinity of oil and LNG terminals.

Customised to meet the owner’s requirements, the hulls are designed for fuel efficiency and are ideal for the harsh conditions of the operating region. Equipped with automation and instrumentation for normal duty operations with unmanned engine room designation, the vessels are also equipped with sophisticated machinery systems and advanced navigation communication systems with networking facilities.

Grandweld has developed into a leading ship builder in the region and has a portfolio of steel and aluminium vessels in the range of 20 to 70m, and the remaining vessels of the same series, Bourbon Ox, Bourbon Auroch and Bourbon Bison will be delivered to Bourbon Supply Investissements later in the year.