Gothenburg stop for world’s largest container ships

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igwvd0erhcndf6c1v85dIt has been confirmed that the world’s largest container ships – Maersk Line’s new Triple E –  which can carry up to 18,000 containers, will call at the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The vessels are currently being built at a shipyard in South Korea and the first call will be in August. Test runs have been taking place at the Port of Gothenburg for some time to simulate a call by the new ship generation.

“The test runs have proved successful and it is very exciting that what we have simulated will now become a reality. We are ready to welcome this new generation of container ship,” said Magnus Kårestedt, Port of Gothenburg Chief Executive.

The Port of Gothenburg is one of the few ports in Northern Europe that has fairways that are sufficiently wide and deep and cranes that are sufficiently large to receive Triple E ships. Ships which up to a year or so ago were the largest in the world – Emma Maersk and her sister ships – already call at the port and they can carry 14,000 containers. These will now be gradually replaced by Triple E ships to service one of the routes between the Port of Gothenburg and the Far East.

The new ships are 400 metres long and 59 m etres wide and have a carrying capacity is 18,000 containers. Placed end to end, the load from one single ship would be 110 km in length.

“Increased capacity on deep-sea services between Sweden and Asia is positive for Swedish industry. This is where trade flows are increasing whilst European flows are still reporting a poor rate of growth,” added Mr Kårestedt.

Exports in Sweden comprise mainly paper, timber products, steel and industrial components while mports largely take the form of clothes, electronics, food, furniture and other consumer products.

The ships will, it is claimed, emit half as much carbon dioxide on the Europe/Asia service compared to the average vessel and when the day comes for the ships to be taken out of service, all material can be recycled. The engines and hull are adapted to slow-steaming, i.e. lower speed, which saves fuel.

Triple E will call at 13 ports including Gdansk (Poland), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Port Tangiers (Algeria), Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia).