Gothenburg cuts its port tariff

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The Port of Gothenburg has decided to adjust the port tariff for a period of 12 months as a result of a number of factors, including an economy that is under severe pressure.

“We are aware that the new pricing model was introduced in the midst of a difficult recession and by temporarily adjusting the current tariff we aim to create better conditions for our customers,” said Magnus Kårestedt, Port of Gothenburg Chief Executive.

The decision means a temporary 20% reduction in the port tariff for dry cargo. For all segments there is also a halving of the sulphur emission charge, from 20 öre to 10 öre per gross ton. The adjustment will come into effect on April 1st and will apply for 12 months.

The adjustment is based on current prices, which came into effect at the turn of the year. The Port of Gothenburg then adopted a competition-neutral pricing model with cost coverage, ensuring that the port will have improved conditions for vessels putting into the port and the potential to meet the needs of the market.

“The Port of Gothenburg is attempting in a variety of ways to keep down costs for our customers. We will continue to work to reinforce the position of Sweden and Western Sweden as the logistics centre for northern Europe. We will offer competitive logistics solutions and work to bring about an infrastructure that will satisfy the needs of industry,” said Magnus Kårestedt.