GoodShipping launches Decarb Desk to improve carbon insetting transparency and efficiency


GoodShipping, the carbon insetting brand of FincoEnergies, has announced the launch of its new Decarb Desk platform, the next step forward to allow cargo owners and freight forwarders to efficiently manage their carbon insetting efforts.

Decarb Desk enables cargo owners and freight forwarders to calculate transportation emissions and track the creation and journey of each inset reduction, ensuring each claim is backed by verified, traceable credits that enhance the credibility of sustainability efforts. It is the next step in the evolution of the carbon insetting service that GoodShipping offers to customers that want more control over their Scope 3 emissions.

Responding to a growing need for more control and transparency over decarbonisation activities, the Decarb Desk makes the carbon insetting process more insightful and streamlined for cargo owners and freight forwarders who are looking to decarbonise their supply chain.

The Decarb Desk platform includes a digital book-and-claim framework designed by GoodShipping to improve the transparency of carbon insetting activities. The digital book-and-claim framework enables tangible, transparent, efficient and verifiable management of Scope 3 emissions within a customer’s supply chain operations.

The digital book-and-claim framework within GoodShipping’s Decarb Desk is inspired by guidelines set by leading organisations within the carbon insetting value chain, including the Smart Freight Centre. GoodShipping co-authored the Smart Freight Centre’s book-and-claim framework, making today’s launch of the Decarb Desk the next logical step in the company’s efforts to speed up sustainability within the global supply chain.

Speaking on the launch, Paul Bakker, Digital Development and Innovation Manager at FincoEnergies, said: “Cargo owners and freight forwarders want to be in control of their data and ensure that they have the right insights to improve their carbon insetting decision-making. We have often heard that customers are looking for a solution that would simplify the transaction, trading and retirement of inset reductions.

“We’re proud that by using Decarb Desk, cargo owners and freight forwarders can gain a complete view of their Scope 3 decarbonisation efforts at a glance. This means that they are in control of their entire insetting journey, from the initial sustainable biofuel delivery statement to receiving their verified inset reduction certificates.”

Marina Pimentel Ferrari, Head of GoodShipping, FincoEnergies, added: “Crafted for cargo owners and freight forwarders, Decarb Desk fulfils the demand for a digital decarbonisation technology that offers greater auditability, transparency, and digital traceability of carbon insetting efforts. Through the platform, we will be able to support our customers to navigate their sustainability pathways even more confidently and rapidly.”

As part of FincoEnergies’ ambitions to evolve Decarb Desk to become an all-in-one decarbonisation platform for the global supply chain, the company will work to incorporate both insetting and offsetting offerings, expand the platform to encompass road transportation, and offer a seamless connection with customers’ existing systems through API integration.

GoodShipping has pioneered the carbon insetting industry since 2017, when the brand launched the GoodShipping Programme, the first third party carbon insetting service of its kind. Initially focused on the marine sector, GoodShipping included road transportation into its decarbonisation solutions portfolio in 2023.