Globe Wireless launches cost-effective communications solution

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Globe Wireless has released a brand new enhanced GSM system to provide onboard communications at significantly reduced rates for crew members. Its new GlobeMobile solution is not just a standard GSM system but “a way to use GSM as an interface method to access ship’s communications systems.”

Resulting in considerably improved services at much lesser costs, Frank Coles, President and CEO of Globe Wireless, explained that “other GSM systems available today are provided by companies that are affiliated with GSM carriers. As such, their objective is generating minutes on the GSM network – resulting in high voice rates.”

With regular crew complaints about voice rates being too high and having to resort to crew calling instead of GSM, GlobeMobile uses standard Iridium OpenPort voice lines for phone calls, and as a result the crew pay as low as $0.53 per minute for both incoming and outgoing calls and with SMS charged at half the rates.

“With GlobeMobile, the crew are provided with the convenience and privacy of GSM voice and SMS, but are not penalized with high GSM network and roaming fees”, said Mr Coles, and with crew calling services available 24 hours a day and at 50% lower than many mainstream industry rates.

GlobeMobile also produces overall cost savings in business communications for the ship, as the ship owner can allocate two lines for the crew and reserve one line for the captain and ships business, with ship data additionally capable of being passed via OpenPort.