GLO Marine forms strategic partnership with VMS GROUP DENMARK for complex vessel retrofits

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In a strategic move toward advancing sustainable maritime practices, GLO Marine proudly announces a strategic partnership with VMS GROUP DENMARK. This collaboration is the natural step forward in a longstanding, fruitful relationship based on successful projects already delivered together, a testament to shared values and a commitment to supporting the maritime industry on its road to sustainability.

The partnership stems from a series of seamlessly executed retrofit project installations, reflecting the mutual trust and proficiency between GLO Marine and VMS GROUP DENMARK. Drawing from these shared successes, GLO Marine a retrofit specialist and VMS Group, an expert in propulsion systems, have joined forces to expand their collaboration into comprehensive retrofits and vessel modifications, with a primary focus on decarbonization initiatives.

With a collective vision for greener seas, the partnership prioritizes retrofit projects and vessel modifications that align with the latest green technologies. This strategic alliance positions both companies as leaders in providing turnkey solutions to enhance vessel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Clients seeking to upgrade their vessels to meet the demands of a sustainable future will benefit from the combined expertise of GLO Marine and VMS GROUP DENMARK.

The strategic partnership between GLO Marine and VMS GROUP DENMARK is finely tuned to cater specifically to the nuanced demands of the offshore energy sector. Recognising that vessel owners and managers in this dynamic market require rapid support and expert problem-solving skills, the collaboration ensures swift responses to minimize docking times. The offshore industry operates on tight schedules, and both companies are attuned to the need for efficient solutions that align with specific operational requirements. This focused approach underscores the commitment to providing not just services but tailored solutions that contribute to the seamless and uninterrupted operation of vessels in the offshore energy domain.

This strategic alliance significantly enhances the global reach and comprehensive support that clients of GLO Marine and VMS GROUP DENMARK can expect. More than this, through an already functional physical presence in Namibia and several projects executed in countries like Ivory Coast, Senegal, South Africa, GLO and VMS will continue to offer enhanced support to the local industry and local communities.

Through this partnership, clients gain access to an extensive array of services, including streamlined procurement of materials crucial for installations and modifications. This encompasses everything from pipe prefabricates to electrical components and custom steel structures. The collaborative effort ensures not only the sourcing of these materials but also efficient logistic support for their timely delivery to the vessels.

Moreover, clients benefit from a suite of site support services designed to facilitate smooth project execution. This includes installation supervision, ensuring that every aspect aligns with the project’s requirements, and the provision of skilled manpower for installation. The emphasis is on delivering a holistic solution that goes beyond mere service provision, aiming to create a seamless and hassle-free experience for clients across the globe.

Liviu Galatanu (pictured, left), Managing Director of GLO MARINE, said: “Today’s announcement marks a significant step forward for GLO MARINE. Our partnership with VMS GROUP DENMARK directly aligns with our strategy to be one of the best and most versatile companies in the retrofit business. GLO Marine is already one of the most customer centric service suppliers in the industry, so our outmost focus through this partnership is to cater even more to our Clients needs and support them with transitioning to a greener future in a smooth, cost-efficient and in a controlled manner.”

Palle Andersen (right), Engineering Manager at VMS Group, added: “For a long period, VMS Group have been looking for opportunities to team up with a potential partner to meet increasing customer demands within the engineering business. After the first project with GLO Marine it felt like we had been working together for years, and we instantly knew that a long-term partnership was born.

“Through this strategic partnership with GLO Marine, we are strengthening our business within important areas like idea generation, feasibility studies and design & engineering, and we are able to deliver even smoother project execution to our customers. I believe, GLO Marine and VMS Group Denmark will be sharing the dedication to deliver superior and sustainable solutions to the maritime industry for years to come.”

In the realm of maritime retrofits and modernisation, GLO Marine and VMS GROUP DENMARK’s strategic partnership sets a new standard, reflecting a shared dedication to maritime excellence and a greener, more sustainable future.