Gibdock consolidates relationship with Grimaldi Group

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The Grande Angola left Gibdock on Tuesday following the on-time completion of a scheduled package of repair works. The project covered work on the second vessel in a two-vessel contract between Gibdock and Grimaldi Group, the multinational logistics group specialised in the operation of roll-on/roll-off vessels, car carriers and ferries.

Commenting on its decision to return to the Gibraltar-based yard, Ing Giancarlo Coletta, Grimaldi Group Corporate Purchasing Director, said: “This is another example of how reliable services and competitive value form the basis of expanded business co-operation.”

The 26,881dwt ro-ro multipurpose vessel, built in 2008, underwent a full hull blasting and new silicone application. In total, a surface area of approx. 9,000m2 was renewed, including additional spot blasting to the topsides, cranes, accommodation block and ramp. Gibdock employs the latest equipment and best available techniques in the application of marine coatings, including the use of environmentally-friendly, wet-grit blasting. The yard also benefits from a climatic advantage, with year-round temperate weather minimising downtime for vessels undergoing coating work.

While the coating renewal formed the critical path work, concurrent maintenance was carried out to the vessel’s ramp, sea valves, rudder, while hot-dip galvanised large diameter pipe work was replaced. Around 5.5 tons of steelwork was performed with the addition of doublers to the anchor pockets.

Sister vessel Repubblica del Brasile visited the yard in July. Built in 1998, the 23,882dwt ro-ro multipurpose vessel also underwent full blasting and silicone application. The project also covered the splitting of the ramp and replacement of the main bearings, pipe work renewal and replacement of around 4.5 tons of steelwork to the vessel’s tanks.

Gibdock’s Managing Director, Richard Beards, said: “We are always pleased to welcome a returning customer as it reaffirms the fact that the service, quality and competitive value received at Gibdock is really hitting the mark. Gibdock has been working with the Grimaldi Group since 2010, and that partnership has strengthened over the years, particularly during 2014. We hope that the relationship will continue to develop and we anticipate further projects in the foreseeable future.”