Get SET! with NorthStandard’s unique ECDIS Training Assessment platform


NorthStandard’s unique ‘ECDIS Training Assessment’ platform launches this week, unveiling its new Get SET! digital product portfolio, harnessing pioneering technologies to improve safety and reduce operating costs.

The NorthStandard ‘ECDIS Training Assessment’ (ETA) platform is the first example of a new portfolio of products to help optimise bridge team management and uphold best practice in vessel operations.

The ETA platform is an essential component of NorthStandard’s Get SET! portfolio, introducing a range of innovative Safety & Efficiency Technologies (SET) devised to harness the transformative power of vessel-based technology in improving crew situational awareness and operational expertise.

In response to industry concerns over electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) usage, NorthStandard’s Loss Prevention team, in collaboration with the UK Hydrographic Office, have developed ETA – an online continuous professional development tool for deck officers. The multiple-choice assessment enables crew members to identify any weaknesses or gaps in their ECDIS skills allowing self-evaluation and further learning on their personal or company devices. Anonymised at the crew user level the digital tool also generates a consolidated fleet-wide report to help shipowners to evaluate their deck officers’ ECDIS proficiency and identify areas for training development and focus. Company level data is not available to NorthStandard unless a member chooses to share.

“ECDIS is an excellent navigational aid, but time and again incident reports, in particular those related to groundings, have shown that there are gaps in ECDIS knowledge leading to misuse of important ECDIS safety features.” said Colin Gillespie, Global Head of Loss Prevention, NorthStandard. “As the first-of-its-kind resource for ECDIS, our online ETA platform helps deck officers identify and fill any gaps in their knowledge at both the individual and fleet-wide levels with comprehensive, relevant training using real life scenarios. Instant results provide lesson-based feedback as well as access to further ECDIS training materials.”

Owners can redistribute the assessment to deck officers as often as needed – at no cost to NorthStandard members. “With repeated use over time, ETA helps seafarers to enhance awareness and their skills, keep up to date on any new developments, and ensures ECDIS best practice is always front of mind.”

The full Get SET! Technology portfolio is under wraps until later in the year, although Gillespie commented that situational awareness, enhancing efficiency, minimising fatigue and reducing human error were common themes. One specific area for improving ship-shore collaboration had seen a focus on AI-based navigational hazard detection, he said. At the same time, another sought to eradicate hazards and solve bottlenecks in onboard operations.

“By utilising technology to enable members and crew to operate vessels more safely and efficiently, we help minimise risk at sea and in port, increase operational and financial resilience, boost trading confidence, and nurture maritime talent. Embracing and integrating new technology is no longer a choice; to secure a safer and more resilient future for the shipping industry, it is a necessity,” says NorthStandard.

For further insight into ETA, including a visual walkthrough of the tool, and information on how to access it, please visit the NorthStandard website: