German Maritime Administration (BG Verkehr) challenges RS to broaden cooperation


Paper boatsThe Russian Maritime Register of Shipping hosted the 18th meeting of the Russian-German Joint Commission on Maritime Shipping last week.

The delegations were headed by Vitaly Klyuev, Director, Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport of the RF Ministry of Transport and Reinhard Klingen, Director-General, Waterways and Shipping of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany.

The parties exchanged opinions on the burning issues of the marine environment protection disputed within the framework of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Arctic Council, including issues regarding the use and carriage of heavy oil fuel in the Arctic region, control of SOx and NOx emissions from ships, ballast water management. The delegations also considered issues related to the IMO development strategy and work formats of the IMO committees.

During the discussion of cooperation in the area of classification, the German party announced the high level of bilateral relations of the German Maritime Administration (BG Verkehr) and the Register as a recognized organisation. It was pointed out that the German Maritime Administration (BG Verkehr) challenges RS to participate in the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) sessions, as well as in the work on preparation of the German Maritime Administration (BG Verkehr) for the audits on behalf of IMO within the mandatory audit system to be scheduled for 2020.