GEMAK is on the crest of a wave


Exceeding 2,500 ships either repaired or converted since 1969, Turkey’s Gemak, one of the biggest shipyard groups in Turkey, has secured more than 98 ship repair projects for the first half of 2017 from various ship owners for different vessel types and sizes, the largest portfolio from countries involved being Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Greece, UAE, Libya, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey.
The group is adding each day to its comprehensive resources by means of skilled manpower and engineers while investing more and more in its facilities to provide the best to its clients. Apart from previously accommodated clients, well known companies such as MSC, MOL tankship, Komaya Shipping, Abis Shipping, Eaglestar  (ex. AET), Al Mare, Anglo-Eastern, Avin Iİnt., Bergshav Shipmanagement, Dalmare, Dredging Maritime, Eastern Pacific, Epic Ship Mgmt., Feederlines, General National Maritime, Navigazione Montanari, Odfjell, Topaz Energy, Grimaldi, Ishima, Goldenport, Fleet, Hoegh Wallem, World Tankers, Mano Shipping, Karadeniz Holding, UN RO-RO have become the loyal customers of GEMAK Group.
In the first half of the year, GEMAK successfully completed three challenging conversion projects. M/V UN Akdeniz and M/V UN Cuneyt Solakoğlu have successfully been lengthened by 30 metres, which has achieved 23% transportation capacity increase for each vessel, by building of new mid-body block having 1,130 tons, in dry condition.
Gemak’s technical capabilities and   graving dock capacity was used to perform cutting and lengthening operations. Besides the lengthening, Gemak reinforced existing hulls of the vessels due to increased longitudinal and slamming forces. Also modification of HFO tanks related to MARPOL requirements was performed in the fore part of the vessels.
GEMAK  is currently converting M/V Karadeniz Power ship Orka Sultan, which is being modified as the floating power plant for Karadeniz Powership; the owner, operator and builder of biggest powership fleet in the world. With its 289m length and 45m width, the vessel has 415 MW electric generation capacity which GEMAK completed  its transformation from a bulk carrier to a powership. Following completion of this project, the second transformation project of M/V Karadeniz Powership Orhan Ali Khan is on the pipeline at GEMAK to be completed later in 2017.