GAC moves Shetland base to strengthen operations

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GAC Shetland Photo 2GAC UK has relocated its Shetland operations to larger facilities at Greenhead Base in the Shetland Islands’ capital and main port, Lerwick. 

The move places the company’s specialist offshore and tanker agency teams together, halfway between GAC’s key energy sector locations in Aberdeen, Scotland, and Bergen, Norway.

It focuses the company’s coverage of the islands and enhances ship agency operations to better serve oil and gas clients and vessels supporting the energy sector in the area.

The base’s relocation also underlines GAC’s continuing commitment to supporting ongoing tanker operations at Sullom Voe, where it has a wealth of experience in import and export tanker operations.

Greenhead Base is fully equipped with cranes, forklifts, storage space and more, serving as a hub for high level offshore and energy projects in East and West Shetland oil fields for a number of industry leaders. GAC Shetland’s new office facility is situated quayside at Lerwick’s Greenhead Base, complementing the Port Authority’s other facilities with 683 sqm of quay space. A further 100 sqm of quayside is in development and is expected to be ready early next year. 

Adrian Henry, General Manager – Shetland, says: “Lerwick is the ideal location from which to serve a multitude of clients and vessel types at all ports throughout Shetland. By moving to Greenhead Base, we sharpen our focus on meeting the demands of our key clients operating in the North Sea as well as strengthening and solidifying our agency operations on the Island which uniquely combine GAC’s shipping, logistics and marine services.”