GAC appointed as Sarjak’s liner agent in Chennai


GAC India has entered into an agency agreement with Mumbai-based Sarjak Container Lines (Sarjak), to handle its operations requirement in Chennai. This latest development comes 12 months after its appointment to manage Sarjak’s operations in Delhi and northern India. 

Sarjak specialises in the transportation of Over Dimensioned Cargo (ODC) in containers, by its fleet of hard top, open top, flat rack, super rack and GP containers. Sarjak’s substantial asset base of special equipment enables the company to handle shipments that cannot fit into normal containers. The main cargoes handled from the region include transformers, boilers, chiller units, pressure vessels, sugar manufacturing plants, oil well equipment, and various engineering goods.

Sarjak was awarded NVOCC of the Year (Special Equipment) in the third All India Maritime & Logistics Awards (MALA) 2012.

Captain Sathya Chandrashekar, GAC India’s General Manager of Shipping Operations, said there were very few carriers specialising in the field of Containerised Project shipments in the Indian break bulk sector at a time when imports and exports of machinery are on the rise. 

“GAC’s strong local presence and global reach provides a solid foundation for its continued long term relationship with Sarjak,” he added. “GAC has a wealth of experience and professional expertise in moving Over Dimensioned Cargoes. We understand the importance of the timely delivery of such equipment, and spare no effort in ensuring that all formalities are cleared within the shortest time possible. We are confident that we can continue to add value to this mutually beneficial partnership.”

Captain Rumi Engineer, Sarjak’s Senior President said: “Trust is an important component of any partnership, and we are happy to have found a partner in whom we can place our trust and confidence. GAC’s long track record in managing odd and over-sized shipments and its dedicated service have given us the assurance that our cargoes will be well taken care of and delivered safely and on time.”

He said Sarjak was increasing its commercial presence in Chennai in order to enhance customer support and satisfy customer demands.