GAC and Griffin to provide ‘door-to-deck’ crew transportation service

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GAC Group President Lars Säfverström (left) and Griffin’s Executive Chairman Simon Morse

Global shipping, logistics and marine services group GAC and crew travel specialist Griffin have joined forces to create G2 Crew Services, which aims to provide fully integrated door-to-deck transportation services for joining crew.

The joint venture combines the experience of Griffin, which coordinates the on-time arrival of 750,000 crew each year, with the local knowledge, contacts and resources of the GAC network covering more than 1,000 ports around the world.

G2 Crew Services aims to provide a total transportation package for crew members joining ships worldwide, including the ‘’last mile’ between their arrival airport and their vessel. A central ‘control tower’ in Mumbai monitors the safe movement of crew and coordinates flight schedules, land transportation and vessels’ ETAs to provide the best on-time arrival of joining crew at their final destination and Griffin’s unique HomePort concierge service provides 24/7 support to crew.

Payment and cost control is simplified through a QuickBill sent within seven days of the crew’s arrival, detailing the cost of all services in a single currency, eliminating the need for ‘prefunding’ and the reconciliation with a ‘final disbursement’ account.

The agreement was signed by Griffin’s Executive Chairman Simon Morse and GAC Group President Lars Säfverström. Mr Morse said: “Our partnership with GAC marks an important milestone in the fulfilment of our mission to extend the scope and value of the service we provide our clients from point-to-point travel to a full crew rotation management service.”

The broader crew rotation management service, which will be launched in February next year, will incorporate the new Homeport dashport. The IT system will enable clients to monitor all crew movements against their planned rotation, from the minute they leave home to the moment they arrive on deck, and they will also receive alerts confirming arrival times.

Mr Säfverström added: “This partnership with Griffin is in line with GAC’s strategy of working with best-in-class specialists in the shipping, logistics and marine sectors to offer high standard, innovative services delivered through our global network of offices worldwide.”