Future of maritime operations global survey launched


surveyFathom Maritime Intelligence has today (Wednesday) launched a global survey to understand what the maritime industry believes is required in our future, digitally optimised operations.

With the inexorable move towards increased automation and digitalisation within shipping it is critical that the correct applications, infrastructure and culture are developed to ensure that companies reap the maximum positive benefits.

At the current time, the digital economy in shipping is very fragmented. It is important therefore that solution developers understand what the industry really require and thus can work towards a common goal.

This global survey aims to ascertain what stakeholders in the maritime industry believe can truly aid improved safety, enhanced operational management and enriched collaboration. In addition, its purpose is to uncover the perceived challenges and examine how operational responsibility might be distributed between the ship and the shore.

Through this survey, Fathom Maritime Intelligence hopes to determine what needs to be put in place to enable the digital, integrated future of shipping operations and how safety and training can be improved.

The anonymous survey is open to all and can be taken by visiting:   www.fathommaritimeintelligence.com/global-survey.html