Fuel sustainability at centre of decarbonisation, says DNV’s latest Maritime Forecast to 2050


The 2022 version of DNV’s ‘Maritime Forecast to 2050’ provides insights into the fuels that will propel tomorrow’s ships, and how decarbonisation journey driven by regulation, financiers and customer choices could impact fuel cost.

More specifically, the report focuses on fuel availability and infrastructure to tackle the shift to carbon-neutral fuels.

Findings from the report include:
– The drive to decarbonize shipping is accelerating and shifting focus to calculating lifecycle GHG emissions and ensuring fuel sustainability.
– An estimated 30 to 90 billion USD per year is needed to scale up fuel production, distribution, and bunkering infrastructure to supply 100% carbon-neutral fuels by 2050.
– The largest investments are required in scenarios with high uptake of electrofuels.
– Onshore investments and the more expensive energy sources for fuel production could together lead to annual fuel costs 70% to 100% greater in 2050 than today.
– No carbon-neutral fuel emerges as a clear winner, but DNV research reveals under what conditions each fuel will proliferate.
The full report is downloadable from the DNV website.