Frugal Technologies enhances fuel-saving AI with predictive maintenance using real-time data


The marine tech company Frugal Technologies is advancing its class-approved Frugal Propulsion, a cost-, fuel-, and emissions-saving system for large vessels. The solution now also shows temperature, pressure – and vibration deviations, helping engineers and shipowners make smarter decisions.

With an artificial intelligence-based control system, Frugal Technologies has helped shipping companies such as Uni-Tankers, Christiania Shipping, and Royal Arctic Line reduce fuel consumption on their ships by up to 15%. Now, Frugal Technologies has released a major software upgrade, allowing shipowners and engineers to better evaluate equipment health and service lifetimes.

The Frugal Propulsion system provides ship owners and technicians with information on engine performance (pictured), emissions, and hull efficiency using IoT technology, big data, learning algorithms, and data visualization. With the software upgrade, the system now also uses historical data to comprehend and contrast the engine’s current condition with its initial state. In this sense, the data begins to function as an advisory, offering actionable insights that allow engineers and ship owners to foresee possible problems before they become critical.

“With the launch of this major upgrade, we’re not just collecting data and showing it to customers. We’re actively using it to evaluate performance so ship owners can make better and more informed decisions,” says Lars Stoustrup, CTO, and co-founder of Frugal Technologies. “Our AI models are trained based on data isolated to the engine, hull, and propeller. This enables better management and prioritization of the fleet and future costs based on hull performance, hull cleaning, engine overhaul, and shaft power evaluation.”

Alongside its Frugal Propulsion system, Frugal Technologies offers the fleet operations platform My Data, which provides shipowners with an easy-to-use interface solution for vessel data visualization and AIS information, including predictive maintenance targeted at operations. Additionally, future features will be available for onboard use.

The new algorithms can detect abnormalities in operating parameters and distinguish between regular operation and anomalies by analyzing data patterns derived from sensors on the ship’s engines.

“Predictive maintenance is becoming more and more crucial in the maritime industry,” says Peter Hauschildt, CEO and co-founder of Frugal Technologies. “Our new software release will be a valuable tool for maintenance and savings, not only for shipowners, but also for the technical department, as it provides better opportunities for timely intervention.”