FrontM launches ChatGPT for Maritime


FrontM, the “Intelligent Collaboration. Anywhere®” platform for the maritime industry, announces the launch of ChatGPT integration to enable its partners and customers to incorporate the advancement of AI for crew connectivity, engagement, streamlined information and access to care.

By utilising its superapp and low-code developer framework to enable use cases such as telehealth, video conferencing, virtual events, remote assistance and tracking & monitoring for ships, the platform enhances connectivity between ship and shore teams.

In an industry that has regularly been criticised for moving slowly to embrace new technologies, to say that FrontM’s integration has been fast-tracked seems like an understatement. FrontM’s mission to solve the connectivity and efficiency challenges that maritime businesses and their mobile workforces or customers face, when operating in remote and low bandwidth environments, could not get a bigger boost than what Generative AI can unlock. No-one can ignore the breakthroughs in the last six months in the AI world.

One of FrontM’s end-user solutions is called onship, the maritime superapp. onship is free for everyone to try and is available via Google Play Store, Apple App Store and the web at onship contains an app marketplace with built-in text, voice and video communication, e-wallet and closed user group collaboration that breaks silos between ship and shore. Emma, the Virtual Assistant is a universal chatbot for seafarers to obtain helpful information at the flick of a finger.

FrontM’s low-code developer framework enables many other conversational AI use cases to be rapidly developed for partners, be it for seafarers’ safety, assistance with the routine and exigent duties and responsibilities at sea. onship superapp scales to become the universal maritime digital touch point for seafarers.

Imagine a Captain was calling at the lesser known port of Laayoune in Morocco and needed to know about ship chandlers, other than what the Agent could tell him. He simply asks Emma and she can give him the names and contact details of four such suppliers, in twenty seconds enabling a direct call from onship’s built-in communication tools.

“A useful and equally beneficial requirement, may be that the Chief Cook wants to prepare something new for an upcoming weekend barbecue party to boost crew morale! Emma can help him with some new recipes using onboard ingredients! In fact, the “Cooky” can soon share text and images of the menu with his shipmates through onship and create much anticipation and excitement!” said Captain. Vishal Patangay, Master Mariner and Head of Customer Success of FrontM

FrontM is a partnership-centric company and is harnessing the app ecosystem by using a collaborative approach to accelerate maritime digitalisation and establish the future of work for seafarers and maritime workforces.

“With our advanced integration of chatGPT to our platform, we are expanding generative AI’s reach into maritime environments and various use cases.. I am personally excited at each opportunity to exploit the full potential of AI and unlock greater value for maritime partners, operators and seafarers,” says Guillermo Acilu, CTO of FrontM.