Foynes Port receives major salt shipment for Irish roads



The port of Foynes, County Limerick, Ireland, has received an 8,000 tonne shipment of salt to supply the National Roads Authority, bringing fresh optimism that salt stocks to treat Irish roads will not be depleted this winter.

The delivery follows a particularly cold period from November to Christmas, where prolonged freezing temperatures led local authorities to issue concerns over dwindling salt stocks ahead of future cold snaps.

The order was placed by Lagan Projects Limited and the vessel Diezebog arrived from the Mediterranean over the weekend. The shipment will be distributed to local authorities across Ireland over the coming days. 3,000 tonnes of the consignment have already been distributed and over 120 lorries will transport the remaining 5,000 tonnes into storage at SFPD warehousing, Foynes Port, prior to distribution. A further shipment of 6,000 tonnes is due into Foynes Port next week.

Pat Keating, Chief Executive, Shannon Foynes Port Company said: “These shipments, which have been ordered by Lagan Projects Limited for the National Roads Authority (NRA), could not have come at a better time to bolster stocks following the pre-Christmas prolonged bout of freezing temperatures.

“We still have a lot of winter ahead of us so Lagan Projects Limited and the NRA have been active in making sure they could rebuild salt stocks ahead of any return of the cold-snap.”