ForestWave selects Seaber’s chartering and schedule optimisation solution


Finnish maritime technology company Seaber has announced a cooperation with ForestWave Navigation, a multipurpose carrier shipowner based in the Netherlands. With the help of Seaber’s chartering and schedule optimisation solution, ForestWave will automate processes and increase efficiency, leading to reduced costs and emissions.

ForestWave’s company objectives include seeking creative and innovative technical solutions for the vessels they manage, that lead to improved safety, reduced costs and eco-friendlier operations. The shipping company commercially manages 35 vessels in the 5,000 dwt to 12,500 dwt range in multipurpose shipping.

The company focuses on creating optimisation of earning capacity, and cost savings, and simultaneously maintaining first-class quality and optimal safety and environmental awareness on board.

Both shipowners and cargo owners benefit from Seaber’s web-based application allowing them to maximise efficiencies in planning and scheduling. Shipowners like ForestWave can use the Seaber solution for maximising fleet TCE by supercharging chartering and scheduling functions.

ForestWave is excited about the Seaber solution: “Here at ForestWave our aim is to maximise the utilisation of our vessels,” says Fred Diepeveen (pictured, right) , Managing Director.

“There is such a wide range of possibilities when it comes to planning your contract cargoes while considering potential market cargoes and also positioning your fleet optimally. Emerging emission regulations will make this process even more complex. Seaber’s software provides a visual user interface that automatically calculates relevant KPIs with just a drag-and-drop move. This helps the users when they quickly need to make decisions and compare multiple scenarios in no time.”

Seaber is uniquely positioned to digitally transform the shipping industry and bring down its environmental impact. In addition to single cargo voyages, Seaber supports multi-parcel and multi-port voyages, where unnecessary ballast voyages and low utilisation rates are common. The technology, based on a modern tech stack, integrates seamlessly with existing software solutions such as ERPs and Voyage management systems.

Sebastian Sjöberg (pictured, left), CEO and Co-founder of Seaber warmly welcomes ForestWave to Seaber’s growing customer base: “One of ForestWave’s objectives is to use innovative technology to reduce costs and emissions. Seaber shares this goal by providing the industry with a solution that improves the utilisation of vessels, subsequently reducing costs and emissions.”