FORCE Technology and Varjo bring game-changing VR/XR training to the maritime industry


FORCE Technology, a leader in simulation-based maritime technology, engineering and training, and Varjo, the global technology leader in industrial-grade virtual and mixed reality hardware and software, have signed a strategic frame agreement. The partnership positions FORCE Technology as Varjo’s integrator partner, focusing on delivering advanced VR and XR training solutions to maritime customers worldwide.

The collaboration aims to launch a compact, highly portable, immersive training solution that can be transported and deployed anywhere. This solution represents a leap forward in maritime training accessibility and efficiency, significantly cutting down on the cost and logistical challenges associated with traditional maritime training methods.

The collaboration brings together FORCE Technology’s deep-rooted experience in maritime simulations and Varjo’s innovative mixed reality technology. The result is a training solution that not only cuts costs by a huge margin compared to traditional simulators but also boosts the quality of training with realistic immersive scenarios.

“We’re excited to take maritime training to the next level. The unparalleled visuals of the new Varjo XR-4 Series headsets, combined with our software and simulation know-how, will make this VR/XR solution a game-changer, offering flexibility and cost-savings the industry hasn’t seen before,” says Capt. Jan Michelsen, FORCE Technology’s Simulation, Ports, Training and Human Factors Director. “Our aim is to bring effective training closer to the point of need, from classrooms to onboard ships.”

The global maritime industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled seafarers, and there’s a pressing need for training solutions that are not just effective but also scalable and easy to deploy. FORCE Technology and Varjo’s immersive training solutions address these challenges head-on, making it easier for companies to train their crews efficiently and affordably.

“Our partnership with FORCE Technology is a big step towards the future of maritime training, making high-quality simulators more efficient and accessible,” says Seppo Aaltonen, Chief Commercial Officer at Varjo. “FORCE Technology’s immersive simulator will break down the old barriers for training, offering a more engaging and realistic simulation experience that brings about significant operational benefits for the industry.”