First of six energy-efficient container ships for Asiatic Lloyd delivered to ABS class


The ALS CERES has been delivered to ABS class and is the first in a series of six 7,100 teu container carriers designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute (SDARI) and built by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) for Asiatic Lloyd Maritime LLP, Singapore.

The new, energy-efficient hull design and a fuel-efficient main engine that is compliant with NOx Tier III requirements, translate to a vessel with a low fuel consumption in comparison to its peers of the same vessel type, size and service speed.

“The ALS CERES is a great example of how the maritime industry is implementing energy-efficient technologies to meet global decarbonisation targets,” said Pier Carazzai, ABS Vice President of Engineering Europe and Middle East.

The vessel is assigned with the ABS Ammonia Fuel Ready Level 1C and Methanol Fuel Ready Level 1C Class notations, indicating that a concept-level design study has been carried out for future conversion to ammonia and methanol fuelling.

The vessel is also one of the first to feature the ABS FOC notation, an enhanced standard reflecting additional fire-fighting methods.
“The ALS CERES is Asiatic Lloyd’s first ABS-classed newbuild vessel, and we appreciate the support from ABS in the successful conclusion of this project,” said Friedrich Bunnemann, Managing Partner of Asiatic Lloyd.