First customers to benefit from complete sets of MacGregor’s new three-tier-high plate construction type lashing bridges


Cargotec picMacGregor, part of Cargotec, has secured an order for lashing bridges for three 18,000teu container ships to be built at Waigaoqiao Shipyard in China. The contract includes the design and fabrication of the lashing bridge steel structure of about 5400 tons, and an option for three further vessels.

The new plate type three-tier-high lashing bridges are a combination of steel profile and plate construction and claimed to provide advantages in terms of weight, less welding and less surfaces subject to hidden corrosion. They also enable interchangeability and user-friendly positioning of lashing rods.

 “This contract is based on strong technical co-operation with the ship owner and the shipyard over approximately a six month’s period”, said Petri Haukikari, Sales Manager at MacGregor Dry Cargo.

“It is important to understand that the lashing bridge is a vital part of cargo system, and not just a hull component. By promoting such cargo system-based thinking we can provide several advantages for the shipyards and ship owners.

The main benefit for the shipyard is that we can reduce the costs and expensive changes during the manufacturing process of the newbuildings. The key benefit for the ship owners and operators is the higher cargo intake capacity and thereby better earnings throughout the lifetime of the vessel. We should not either neglect the fact that more efficient fleets also have an important role in reducing the emissions of transportation industry globally.”