First CCS-classed LNG bunker vessel built in China delivered


Last week, the 8500m3 LNG bunker vessel XIN AO PU TUO HAO was successfully delivered by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co. The vessel was contracted by ENN Energy Holding and is to be operated by Tianjin Southwest Maritime Limited. It is the first domestic newbuilding LNG bunker vessel meeting the China Classification Society (CCS) Rules for Liquefied Natural Gas Bunkering Vessel affording it ‘LNG Bunkering Ship’ class notation.

The LNG Bunkering Ship is built with a single propeller, dual-fuel main engine driven and PTO generator with semi-pressurized / full refrigerated cargo tank. It has an overall length of about 119.3m, a moulded width of 19.8m and a moulded depth of 11m. The designed draft is 5.9m and the scantling draft is 6.5m.

There are two cargo hold spaces, each fitted with an independent Type C cargo tank which is designed for a minimum design temperature of -164 ° C and a maximum design vapour pressure of 3.75 bar. Meanwhile, two independent vacuum insulated deck tanks with a minimum design temperature of -196 ° C and a design vapour pressure of 9.0 bar are equipped above the main deck. The total capacity of the cargo tanks including the deck tanks is reached to 8,500 cbm.

CCS is preparing for the introduction of other alternative marine fuels besides LNG, as evidenced by the release and implementation of its Guidelines for Ships Using Ammonia Fuels 2022, Guidelines for Ships Using Methanol and Ethanol Fuels 2022 and Guidelines for Application of Ship Fuel Battery Power Plants. The classification society says that the successful delivery of XIN AO PU TUO HAO is a new milestone in the practical application of energy-saving and emission reduction technology in China’s shipping industry and another important achievement for its goal of ‘Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality’.