Fameline’s MIE Group and H & S Diving Consulting combine forces in underwater services merger, bringing unrivaled expertise to the maritime sector


A merger between the underwater services division of the MIE Group, a company under the Fameline Holding Group, who act as agents providing marine systems, equipment and services worldwide for over four decades and H & S Diving Consulting (H & S), an underwater services company based in Durban, South Africa, is expected to become a leading player in the underwater services segment within the maritime industry.

The strategic partnership will allow both companies to consolidate their customer base and networks, and synergise the MIE Group’s commercial expertise and H & S’ operational excellence with diving safety standards, hull cleaning equipment and reclamation.

The new company operates under the H & S brand with Rudi Havenga at the helm, and new hires Christopher Kyriacoudes and Harry Hadjiyerou, previously of Norden, coming in to manage the business development and commercial operations. All underwater services that were previously managed by the relevant department of the MIE Group will be transitioned to the newly established entity.

The new joint venture is strategically located in Limassol, Cyprus, the largest shipmanagement centre in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

Stephanie Mogharbel, Chief Commercial Officer of the Fameline Holding Group has called the merger “a strategic move that we believe will enhance our services and further benefit our valued clients”.

Rudi Havenga, Group Managing Director of H & S Diving Consulting added: “We believe that this is the perfect time for us to scale and offer our expertise to the international market. Our main purpose as underwater services consultants is to ensure that only trusted, vetted, high-quality partners and subcontractors worldwide are best servicing our current and prospective clients.”