Evergreen to extend its intra-Med service network


evergreenTo offer its customers in the Mediterranean region improved network options Evergreen Line is introducing a new service. In partnership with Arkas Line, the WEM (West – East Med) Service will connect the Aegean Sea, the Near East & the Western Med.

With a port rotation of Valencia, Castellon, Barcelona, Fos, Cagliari, Piraeus, Beirut, Mersin, Iskenderun, Latakia, Alexandria (Dekheila), Izmir, Piraeus and Valencia and on a 28 day schedule, the service will be operated with four vessels, one supplied by Evergreen and three by Arkas.

Crucially the WEM includes a pivotal call at Piraeus, which is a key network hub for Evergreen in the Mediterranean. The line has four weekly, line-haul, Asia-Med-Europe calls at Piraeus. These four services (ADR, MD1, NE2 and NE7) in fact all make double calls at the port for import and export purposes.

In addition, Evergreen Line will  shortly launch two additional feeder services:  the LEV2 (Levant service 2) linking Piraeus to Mersin, courtesy of a slot exchange agreement reached with Arkas/Emes, offering a quicker link to this important Turkish port, and the PSI (Piraeus-South Italy) shuttle service connecting Piraeus to Bari, in Southern Italy with a very fast transit time.

The opening of PSI represents a new opportunity for Evergreen to serve the Southern Italian market where historically Evergreen has been one of the first carriers to establish a presence and carrying significant volumes of cargo to/from Far East and for the Intra-med market.