Eskomarine delivers with ship agency department

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Istanbul-based Eskomarine has expanded its business, recently setting up a ship agency department to widen the spectrum of services it offers and to assist owners in as many ways as it can.

The  privately owned company serves ship owners primarily , dealing with many customers worldwide.

As its Managing Director, Erhan Esinduy, explained: “Our motto is  “Quality is Never a Coincidence” and in this we believe. Therefore we only undertake tasks which we know we can deliver and deliver with the highest quality and clients know us and value us. We always aim to be different from the rest and we esure our difference is spotted immediately by our quality, puncutality and very strict follow up.

Mr Esinduy said Agency plays a very important role for a client having a ship in foreign countries as agents are an owner’s primary contact, so a trusthworthy Agent serving the owner 7/24 and protecting the owners interests at all times, coming up with practical solutions to any and all hurdles that may be faced along the route is exactly what an owner needs.

The Agency department will provide Agency services in the Turkish Straits, all Turkish Ports and Protecting Agency.