‘Enhancing the understanding of new and enduring challenges in maritime safety culture in the Eastern Mediterranean’


A three-year project administrated by HELMEPA, supported by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) and implemented in Greece and Cyprus until 2022 was unveiled at a press conference yesterday (Thursday).

The conference panel included HELMEPA’s Chairman, Dr G. Gratsos and the partners of the project, Lloyd’s Register’s South Europe Marine & Offshore Manager, Th. Stamatellos, CYMEPA’s Chairman, G. Tsavliris and DYNAMARINe’s Director, Dr St. Perissakis, a HELMEPA Associate Member. The CEO of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), M. Kinley, also joined the panel.  His organisation has been cooperating with HELMEPA on safety since 2000 and is expected to contribute towards enriching the project with their expertise on the issue.

The Director General of HELMEPA, D. Mitsatsos, described the aim, tools and expected impact of the project to the journalists present and representatives of the fishing and pleasure craft sectors as well as other maritime stakeholders in Greece. A “Vessel Incident Reporting Platform”, seminars and workshops in coastal cities of both countries, bridge simulator practice in HELMEPA’s Maritime Training Center, e-learning programs and a wide safety awareness campaign are the tools for achieving the project’s objectives.

Questions were answered by the panellists and Mr Kinley congratulated LRF and the project’s partners for their efforts towards enhancing maritime safety culture in the Eastern Mediterranean and pledged AMSA’s support.

Mr Mitsatsos urged the journalists to actively take part in this initiative thus themselves also becoming “Safety Ambassadors” in Greece and Cyprus.