English port is starting point for international union logistics programme

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Activists in the key Humber distribution hub will meet in Hull, UK, next week to plan how workers can confront the harmful effects of globalisation. The three day (10th to 12th November) meeting and workshop, hosted by Unite the Union, is the launch event for a major programme being rolled out by global union federations the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and IndustriALL.

The event will be led by local union activists from the key supply chain hub centred on the ports of the River Humber. Trade union representatives from around the world will also participate.

“What we do in Hull this week will have international consequences,” explained Bev Clarkson, Unite regional coordinating officer. “This event could be a game changer, covering everything from health and safety in the workplace to how unions can challenge the harmful impact of globalisation. It will bring participants together in training and goal setting that is worker-led, and supported by the ITF and IndustriALL global union federations.”

Paula Hamilton, ITF Industrial Hubs Programme Leader, commented: “Port-based hubs are an increasingly important part of the global supply chains that drive commerce and involve workers across multiple transport sectors. Our programme is about helping those workers make strong and progressive links right along those national and international chains.”

Jim Catterson, IndustriALL Energy Director, added: “The aim of this initiative is to build worker and union influence across supply chains through the global ports network and to strengthen ties between unions representing oil and gas, port, road, rail and logistics workers within hubs and internationally. Hull, with its large port, widespread infrastructure and petrochemical cluster, is an excellent starting point.”