Encourage more yoga onboard ship



Shipowners should consider encouraging their seafarers to perform yoga onboard ship as a remedy to possible diseases and ailments and as a way of introducing exercise onboard, the Chairman of the Shipping Corporation of India has suggested.

Speaking at the 10th International Symposium of Maritime Health in Goa, Sabyasachi Hajara said it was important to develop awareness among seafarers who follow healthy acts.

“India is the birth place of yoga so I do believe that if maritime training institutes can also conduct training sessions on Yoga that can be wonderful for the seafarers.

“Of course there should be more recreation exercises onboard ship, such as gym facilities but for yoga you virtually need no facilities. I have met many medical practitioners from the US and Australia, who know and learn yoga because it is believe that by performing it from an early age, it can prevent diseases. Prevention is better than cure. This is something we should look at very seriously,” he said.