Education is the first step toward improving cybersecurity at sea: KVH

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Satcoms provider KVH Industries points out that sophisticated cyber-attacks can derail operations, expose vital information, and put the safety of seafarers and ships at risk. A key element to strengthening cybersecurity is the important issue of seafarer training, as cyberattacks and other incidents aboard ships can begin unknowingly with the crew.

KVH helps fleets assess and deal with cybersecurity risks through training, integrated hardware and network controls. The company employs cybersecurity by design principles to the development of its hardware and global VSAT satellite networks and offers a variety of features and services to aid vessel operators with their individual cybersecurity needs at onboarding and during regular operations.

Following the IMO’s adoption of Resolution MSC.428 (98), commonly known as IMO 2021, vessel operators now need to integrate cyber risk control into their Safety Management System by developing onboard procedures and mitigation measures. While each vessel operator remains responsible for ongoing compliance with IMO2021, KVH’s Cybersecurity Program supports those compliance efforts.