ECDIS Ltd enters second phase of its international seminars in Dubai

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ecdis-seminarsECDIS Ltd’s international seminars have proven such a success, they have now moved into a new series; starting with the one of the previous hosts, Dubai.

The seminar, held on 3rd November at the InterContinental Hotel Dubai, gave the attendees a great opportunity to interact directly with the speakers in a round table discussion style forum, gaining invaluable insight and knowledge to enhance company procedures.

The seminar titled ‘ECDIS Inspections: Marine Risk Reduction, Detentions & Best Practice’ provides the delegates with practical, insightful knowledge of the best ways to prevent lengthy, costly port detentions; something which all global shipping companies want to avoid.

Feedback from the attendees was said to be outstanding and Dubai, yet again, made the team feel very welcome, and provided the perfect learning environment. The next stop for the team is Manila, Philippines this Thursday 17th November. For more information on the seminars, and for those interested in attending any future seminars visit or email