Eastern Pacific Shipping tackles mental health head-on

Singapore-based tonnage provider Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) has partnered with Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS) to break the mental health taboo and provide professional psychological support to its 5,000-strong and growing workforce across sea and shore.

The initiative is part of EPS’ Life at Sea Programme, a comprehensive set of benefits aimed to ensure the long-term physical and mental wellbeing of EPS employees, specifically its seafarers. On top of the inherent physically and mentally demanding nature of life at sea, the long-drawn global effects of COVID-19 have also weighed heavily on the mental wellbeing of sea and onshore colleagues alike.

Gil Ofer, Special Advisor for Innovation at EPS (pictured), said, “Long periods away from families, loved ones, along with heightened restrictions due to COVID-19, can all take their toll. Results from recent studies are further proof that more needs to be done to protect the mental wellbeing of our people. Partnering with MHSS gives our team access to insights, tips, mental exercises and 24/7 support from a qualified clinical psychologist. Just like physical exercise, mental health is something we need to work on daily.”

MHSS, the mental health providers, will deliver interactive mental health and wellbeing content across EPS internal communications platforms. All EPS employees will have access to MHSS’ free hotline number, which offers round-the-clock confidential and professional psychological support for those onboard and ashore.

EPS’ initiative is designed to break the mental health stigma while stimulating debates and comments internally to enable employees to openly discuss mental health.