Drydocks World – Dubai initiates health care campaign for employees

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Drydocks World – Dubai organised a health care campaign in cooperation with Al Baraha Hospital and Dubai Health Authority. Employees benefited from medical tests, examinations, information and health advice from doctors and experts at 12 stations covering: safety, nutrition, urology, dermatology, physiotherapy, pharmacy, accident and emergency. This annual health care campaign aims to bring specialist medical services and educational awareness to the yard’s large workforce, in order to promote healthy lifestyles and practices.

Drydocks World says putting the well-being of employees first is a priority, with this strategic aim brought to life by engaging and encouraging staff through workplace wellness initiatives, such as the health care campaign. Protecting and promoting safety and health in the yard is a continuous objective, to ensure Drydocks World employee’s workplace well-being and prosperity.

During the health campaign event, Drydocks World – Dubai signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to receive products and services from Galderma to enhance health support provided in the yard. The Dubai Health Authority and Galderma also gave free samples and products to visitors, with specialized information to meet individual needs. The MoU was signed by by Ismail Abdul Rahman Mohammad Divisional Manager of HR Operations & Services at Drydocks World, and Dr. Hesham Abdulla Regional Director for Galderma MERITA region.

Commenting on the MoU Mr Ismail said: “Partnering and collaborating with healthcare professionals and suppliers to see how we can best improve health support services for our employees is part of our continuous process improvement plan and our strategic initiative to prioritize the well-being of our staff. We hope to deliver a better experience at Drydocks World to meet medical needs, while cost effectively improving our medical resources.”

Dr Hesham Abdallah, Galderma Head for ME, Africa, Russia, India and Turkey said: “At Nestle Skin Health we aim to enhance the quality of people’s lives by focusing on science based solutions in skin health and we want to change the way the world talks about skin health. The skin is the largest organ in the body; healthy skin is a reflection of our wellness.

“This event represented a strategic step in making our community better understand skin problems which in turn will help early detection and timely treatment. Through our collaboration we have turned the spotlight on the importance of healthy skin and thereby raise the self-assurance of the Drydocks World community.”