Drydocks launches latest self elevating platform

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Drydocks World has announced the successful launch of self elevating platform L210, from its dedicated rig building facility in Graha, Indonesia.

The platform costing $24.6m is being built for Curacao-based Self Elevating Platforms N.V which supplies to the energy markets as well as the heavy civil construction market.

Drydocks World has already achieved all the major construction milestones and the remainder include the installation of four 87.7m tubular legs and a 1,000-tonne crane. The MSC SEA-3250 type platform is classed by ABS with Maltese Cross A1 Self Elevating Unit notation.

Chairman Khamis Juma Baumim said: “International demand for offshore drilling rigs and platforms for oil and gas industries and the civil construction market has remained buoyant. Over the past few years we have managed to play a major part in filling the gap between demand and supply.

“Our well-equipped facility in Graha has produced some of the most versatile drilling rigs and barges in operation in recent years.”