Dr Beatriz joins forces with PortXchange to lead sustainable transformation in maritime


PortXchange, a thought leader for the maritime industry, adding value through data-driven decarbonization technology and consultancy to ports and shipping companies, is pleased to announce that renowned expert Dr Beatriz will join the team as their US Maritime Knowledge Expert. The collaboration will see Dr Beatriz focusing on assisting ports to decarbonize their operations.

With over 17 years of experience developing and managing successful global business ventures within the infrastructure segment, Dr Beatriz brings a wealth of expertise to PortXchange. Her insights will be pivotal in guiding ports towards a greener and more sustainable future.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr Beatriz to the PortXchange team,” said Sjoerd de Jager, CEO at PortXchange. “Her unparalleled expertise and passion for sustainability perfectly align with our mission to drive transformative change in the maritime and ports sectors. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the way ports operate, making them more efficient, environmentally responsible and beneficial to their surrounding communities. We are confident this collaboration will pave the way for significant advancements throughout America and beyond.”

Dr. Beatriz echoed this sentiment, expressing her enthusiasm about the collaboration, “In response to pressing environmental challenges, businesses increasingly recognize sustainability as not just an option, but a necessity for long-term success. Digital technologies are crucial in driving this transition, placing sustainability at the forefront of corporate agendas. As vital global supply chain nodes, Ports have a unique opportunity to lead the charge towards a greener economy. By leveraging science-based solutions like those offered by PortXchange, ports can enhance their efficiency, transparency and profitability while also reducing their environmental footprint. This collaboration represents a pivotal moment in our collective efforts to create a more sustainable and prosperous future.”

A recent survey conducted by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), in collaboration with ABS, revealed the challenges US ports encountered in their quest for decarbonization. Financial constraints, low technology readiness, and physical space limitations are highlighted as the significant obstacles impeding progress in achieving decarbonization goals. Recognizing the urgency of tackling these challenges, PortXchange is unwavering in its dedication to aiding US ports on their decarbonization journey, as the collaboration with Dr Beatriz underscored. PortXchange is a member of AAPA.