DFDS Seaways charts A Voyage Through Time

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DFDSDanish Ferry operator DFDS Seaways has developed an app that charts the history of ship design through some of the world’s most famous vessels.

From a fearsome Viking longship to an elegant royal yacht, A Voyage through Time gives visitors a closer look at some of the world’s best known ships, and the facts, figures, and stories that surround them.

The app features a series of beautiful and detailed illustrations of each vessel, beginning with the 10th century Viking Gokstad Ship, through to Brunel’s SS Great Eastern, up to the warships and passenger liners of the 20th century. Each ship is accompanied by interactive tabs that can be opened to show facts about its design or history, as well as a scale using familiar objects to give a sense of its size.

A short history of each ship is available in a side tab, along with vital statistics such as speed, displacement, and crew numbers. The stories surrounding the ships contain many interesting facts and legends, including the exploits of Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Hind, and the vast hoard of treasure he brought to England – enough to pay off its national debt. There is also the Gokstad Viking ship which was found in a burial mound along with 12 horses, six dogs, and a peacock and the rumour of skeletons found within the double hull of the Great Eastern as it was being taken apart for scrap.

The app also includes the story of DFDS Seaways itself, from its beginnings as a merger of three Danish shipping companies in 1866 to form Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab or The United Steamship Company. DFDS Seaways is now one of the largest ferry companies operating in Europe, with routes across the English Channel and North Sea, and throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic.