Devon shipyard secures £6m green maritime grant award


Award winning Devon-based Coastal Workboats Limited (CWL) has today been announced as one of the recipients of a fresh round of funding thanks to the Government’s UK SHORE £60m injection into the maritime industry.

Launched in September 2022, the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition’s (CMDC3) third round of funding is part of the Government’s commitment to enable increased tech innovation within the sector to eliminate CO2 emissions, increase efficiencies and decarbonise the industry. Funding is awarded to successful projects from the Department of Transport with Innovate UK acting as delivery partner.

CWL’s successful application secured over £6m to support a £9m project that will deliver a UK-first demonstration of a fully-electric workboat and charging station. CWL are based between Devon and Scotland, with the fresh funding enabling company expansion north of the border.

The purpose-built Electric-Landing Utility Vessel (E-LUV) will initially be demonstrated for four weeks in the Shetland Isles in a workboat capacity, running an inter-island route between West Burrafirth and Papa Stour. The route will run twice daily, five days a week, with a one-way journey time of 45 minutes.

As part of the joint project between CWL, Coastal Pure Ltd, BK Marine Ltd and Coastal Workboats Scotland, the prototype is set apart by the onward solution it presents to future commercial workboat applications. Most workboats are deployed in areas with low or no grid power to support recharging of e-vessels. The new E-LUV addresses this via its accompanying shore-based power unit which can be used to recharge the vessel, power other applications and, with its innovative rapid- charging capability, significantly reduce vessel turnaround. The power unit can also be carried on the E-LUV’s deck, significantly extending the vessel’s working range and enabling underway charging.

CWL Director Brian Pogson described the funding announcement as “a fantastic boost to our work. As with all innovation, the most important resource is the knowledge contained within our highly-experienced team – the CMDC3 funding allows us to safeguard jobs as well as expand that knowledge base on both sides of the border.

“We’ve been hugely excited by the potential of the E-LUV for some time and are eager to see the ways in which its four-week trial at Papa Stour will encourage much-needed further green development across our industry.”