Danish suppliers help ship owners move towards sustainable transport

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The global shipping industry is facing requirements for substantial reductions in emissions and for creating a more sustainable transport in order to meet UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. At Kormarine 2019, 15 Danish suppliers of marine technology and services will be exhibiting their solutions that can help ship owners accelerate the move towards sustainability.

According to Mark Lerche, Head of Marine, Danish Export Association, organiser of the Pavilion of Denmark at Kormarine 2019, the industry must be prepared to enter partnerships in order to move towards more sustainable solutions:

“Global shipping companies are facing not only requirements from the IMO to reduce emission of sulphur by 2020 but also a demand to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We need and want to be contributors to this and being a part of an industry carrying 90 per cent of the world trade we must,” he said. “This requires new technology, research and development, and that the different players in the industry work together on applications for e.g. compliance, energy efficiency and LNG technology development. Just to mention a few examples, we are bringing Danfoss IXA and Eltronic Fueltech to the dialogue at Kormarine 2019.”

Danish Export – Marine is Denmark’s largest export network of suppliers to the global maritime industry.

Suppliers and the shipping industry in Denmark have worked in partnerships for many years and this has been key in achieving the position that Danish shipping companies hold today. At Kormarine, Danish suppliers are bringing their experience with close cooperation along with energy-efficient and sustainable solutions and services.

“Danish suppliers are well-known for their solutions in maritime equipment and services and thus, can contribute to the development of the shipping industry towards a more sustainable way of transporting goods around the world. Also, Danish suppliers are experienced in establishing a constructive dialogue and close cooperation with shipowners and operators, authorities, and shipbuilders in order to develop new solutions catering both commercial as well as social targets,” Mr Lerche said.

One of the exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark is Danfoss IXA, a company that collaborates with global shipping companies all over the world in monitoring SO2, NOx and NH3 emissions. Danfoss IXA has continuously developed and tested their technology in cooperation with e.g. ship owners. The result is a front runner solution for proving compliance with the IMO’s requirements at any time.

“Our technology has been tested onboard different ships and in the harsh and toxic environment onboard that the sensor is placed in. This has led us to implement improvements and develop our emission sensor, enabling us to offer the market a front runner solution for monitoring emissions on an ongoing basis. This is an effective tool for ensuring global enforcement of the IMO’s requirements for sulphur emission and thereby, equal competition globally,” said Frank Hansen, CEO, Danfoss IXA.