d’Amico Società di Navigazione selects SeaProc to process procurement across 70 vessels.


d’Amico Società di Navigazione has entered into an agreement with iMarine Software to provide e-procurement service to its global fleet of 70 vessels. The service will be fully embedded with d’Amico’s newly implemented ABS NS Enterprise system, one of the leading fleet management software systems for digital maritime operations, across its entire fleet of vessels.

The decision is part of an ambitious plan to transition the company to a purely digital transaction model across all shipping operations. Specifically the SeaProc platform will automate all standard procurement transactions and add electronic invoicing to complete a source-to-settle process fleet wide.

Francesco Leboffe, d’Amico Global Purchasing Manager said: “We have chosen ABS Nautical Systems in order to implement onboard of our fleet ABS NS Enterprise, one of the leading fleet management software systems for digital maritime operations.

As Group we are constantly exploring new opportunities to apply digital technologies and deploy analytical tools in the maritime transport sector.

The growing trend towards digitization and mobile applications has clearly highlighted the need for a change of applications for fleet management. In line with this evolution, the Procurement Department has chosen SeaProc because we do believe that they are able to deliver full connectivity for procurement transactions as well as e-invoicing, and provide a robust and well-integrated platform with suppliers and services providers worldwide.”

Peder Arstorp, Chief Commercial Officer, iMarine Software (SeaProc) said: “We are honored to have been selected by such a well known and respected name as d’Amico Group for all its vessel assets. Already we are experiencing a high level of coordination and cooperation towards a well defined plan for achieving full digital footprint. This should ensure that targets are met on time and delivering on significant savings and efficiencies in the supply chain space during the coming months. It is a great privilege to participate as a valued partner in this effort.”