Crowley awards scholarships to three Texas A&M college cadets

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TexasAMCrowley Maritime’s 2016 Thomas B Crowley Sr Memorial Scholarships are helping to further educational opportunities for three students of Texas A&M University, all of whom are enrolled in the college’s License Option program and have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the towing or petroleum shipping industry after graduation.

The three recipients, each of whom have either sailed with Crowley or are scheduled to do so, were chosen based on their demonstrated leadership skills and financial need.

The awardees are Texas natives Bradley Schein from Houston and Baylor Nix from Austin along with Benjamin Miner from San Martin, Calif.

Scholarship recipient Schein earned his associate’s degree in petroleum engineering technology from Houston Community College prior to transferring to Texas A&M.  He will graduate in 2018 and is scheduled for his first summer school ship cruise this summer with Crowley.

Mr Nix, who is also scheduled to graduate in 2018, is majoring in marine transportation with a minor in marine administration while pursuing an Unlimited Tonnage Third Mate’s license from the US Coast Guard.  As a deck cadet, he sailed aboard the USTS Golden Bear, a US Maritime Administration (MARAD) training ship, as it transited across the globe and back. He will also sail aboard one of Crowley’s vessels this summer.

Mr Miner served in the US Navy in five overseas deployments and was named Navy Europe Volunteer of the Year prior to joining the US Navy Reserve and turning to Texas A&M to pursue his education. Set to graduate Magna Cum Laude and earn a Third Engineer Unlimited license, Mr Miner completed ship training programme onboard T/S General Rudder, began an extracurricular research project in material science and conducted his commercial cruise aboard the Crowley-managed Yorktown Express.

Since 1984, Crowley has provided more than $3 million dollars in scholarship funding for more than 1,000 students. The company has also donated more than $2 million over the years to support other educational programmes.  In 1994, Chairman and CEO Tom Crowley Jr established the Thomas B Crowley Sr Memorial Scholarship Program in honour of his father who led the company to extraordinary heights before passing away in 1994.

The company continues to give scholarship dollars to deserving students in the US, Alaska and Puerto Rico. In 2006, the programme was expanded to Central America and to date, has provided financial assistance to more than 20 students in that region.