Crewtoo seafarer website membership soars


Less than two months on from its official launch, the social media site for seafarers has already reached its Christmas target of 6,000 members, signifying a 300% increase in membership since 15th August. Crewtoo was created with the aim of making seafarers’ lives brighter and better connected and the site is currently welcoming an average of 100 new seafarers every day. Crewtoo enables visitors to find seafarer friends, make new ones and read maritime news.

One impressed new Crewtoo member stated in September: “In only 20 minutes of exploring this social network, I found out new stuff. It’s a good way to keep yourself informed on the things that happen at sea.”  Another also shared his thanks stating: “I am having a hard time at this moment, but thanks to Crewtoo it lessened because of the messages that they posted. Some of your members are my friends so I feel happy when im reading their shouts! Thank you!”

The site has also caught the attention of the likes of the IMO, the Nautical Institute, ITF Seafarers Trust and Nautilus who have all sent messages of praise to Crewtoo and commended it for its overriding aim of helping to connect seafarers – to each other and to relevant information and services.’s impressive membership is also strengthened by the delivery of a weekly ‘Your Crewtoo’ newspaper, free of charge to all ships subscribing to NewsLink’s international news service and an entertaining and popular Facebook page.