CrewSmart launches enhanced version of fleet management software

An updated v2.0 version of CrewSmart’s end-to-end management system for compliant, effective maritime operations has been launched, representing what the company calls a significant update to its software platform for vessel operators and maritime businesses worldwide.

Having started out as a crew and fleet management tool, CrewSmart has now grown to become a single point of access for all essential company data, encompassing personnel, operational, commercial and financial information. It enables full regulatory compliance for both workforce and fleet, and effective prioritisation of management challenges – ultimately enabling operators to make better informed decisions and enhance the value of the service they provide to their customers.

CrewSmart reports that its platform – whose early adopters include leading offshore wind vessel operators CWind, High Speed Transfers, Seacat Services and Tidal Transit – is now actively used by more than 6,000 crew and 500 vessels worldwide. It has been used to log in excess of 150,000 crew days and 70,000 vessel days, with over 13,000 processed ‘actions’ and 50,000 certificates stored.

CrewSmart v2.0 builds on this momentum, bringing a number of new tools into play that support compliant, effective maritime operations. These include an industry-first ‘Compliance Score’ system that gives managers and senior teams an instant view of compliance across vessel and equipment certification, inventory, planned maintenance and safety management.

In response to market demand, CrewSmart v2.0 also adds an intuitive Planned Maintenance System that has been developed directly in conjunction with vessel operators. As demands on technical performance and availability increase, this helps maritime businesses improve equipment efficiency, cut costs and prevent breakdowns.

These new features are supported by a tablet app that provides a direct interface – both on- and offline – for crews on-site, ensuring that all data inputs into the system are both straightforward and consistent. The app streamlines the way incidents, defects and safety observations are recorded via the platform, supporting reliable reporting across the board.

Christian Adams, Managing Director, CrewSmart, said: “The maritime sector is taking strides towards digitalising its operations, but we’ve reached a point now where a step-change is needed. Businesses must in many ways look beyond the immediate ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of updating their management systems and think in terms of their long-term success in an increasingly demanding and competitive market – where, in many cases, their end customer is going through the same transition.”

“In doing so, they will need to avoid some of the common pitfalls faced with respect to data quality and integration of different systems. CrewSmart 2.0 is designed to help the market take the leap, while helping operators prioritise the KPIs that are most important to their business and their customers. We’re not stopping here, and the system will stay ‘future-proof’ by continuing to evolve in line with the changing needs of the market.”