Cremers ‘not interested in new crew business’

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Peter Cremers chats

Anglo-Eastern has heightened concerns over the escalating problem of the global shortage of seafarers by confirming it is not in the market for any pure crew management contracts and would probably turn them down were they to come along.

Speaking to SMI, Anglo-Eastern’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Cremers said the industry had to be careful about understanding those companies willing to give up the management of their vessels just because of the crew issue. “The people who are genuine about outsourcing the technical management of their ships did so years ago.

“In today’s market we would not offer crew management because the crew resources are so rare and precious and we want to keep these resources for ourselves. We would not offer crew management and actually we are very reluctant to take on new clients because the situation is very difficult to handle,” he stressed.

Anglo-Eastern’s marketing push, he said, was now firmly on the technical side rather than the crewing side.

Over the last 10 years or so, ship owners have been interested in outsourcing the technical management together with the crewing aspect, he said. “I am not sure that companies walking into my office today asking ‘can you help, can you help’ have the same thinking. You have to ask, is it because they can’t find crew anymore so they decide they had better give it all out then,” he told SMI.

Concerns over the crew shortage issue appears to be gathering momentum with many owners accepting that third party managers will continue to secure more business if they can prove they have the crews as well. It may also widen the divide between the larger third party managers at one end of the spectrum and the smaller less resourced managers at the other.

“Without having substantial figures on my desk to back up what I am saying, I would say yes the gap is widening,” said Mr Cremers. “When management contracts come available we are always competing with the same large companies. I think the top end of the market does go to the bigger shipmanagement companies,” he said.