Cosco Maritime (UK) signs MCRM agreement with Oxford aviation academy

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Cosco Maritime (UK), part of one of the world’s largest shipping groups, has signed an agreement with Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) for the acquisition of a Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) licence to deliver training at its Shanghai Training Centre, China. In addition to providing MCRM training support to Cosco’s instructor team, OAA training materials will also be translated into Mandarin Chinese.

OAA’s MCRM training programme is a human factors training course, based on the core principles of aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM). Established for almost 20 years, MCRM deals with the psychology and interpersonal skills required by crew to operate safely onboard vessels. Independent behavioural analysis has proven that the training programme delivers significant improvements in crew attitude and behaviour to safety.

OAA became the first organisation in the world to have its MCRM course certified by Det Norske Veritas AS (DNV) against the Manila 2010 requirements for BRM and Engine Resource Management (ERM) training at the operational and management levels that came into effect in January 2012.

Shicheng Yang, CEO of Cosco Maritime (UK), said: “We believe OAA’s MCRM product to be first class and want our training to reflect the high standards of CRM training recognised in the aviation industry.”

In addition to CRM training in shipping and aviation, OAA is also active in Offshore CRM.