Coptrz enables Market Marine to win £8.5m contract

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Drone company Coptrz has enabled sister company Martek Marine to win a contract from the European Maritime Safety Agency worth £8.5m.

Their drones will follow commercial ships to measure the amount of polluting sulphur and CO2 that they emit from their exhausts. The project is expected to start in the spring.

Coptrz provided Martek Marine, which fronted the bid, with the consultancy, strategies, hardware and technical support it needed to put the tender together and clinch the deal. It will also provide the drones.

“Nothing like this has been done before,” said Managing Director Steve Coulson.

“Coptrz is all about using our expertise to help individuals and organisations deliver drone strategies to change the world. This project is a great example of our philosophy.

“As well as our vast technical know-how, we also offer all the training a company needs to develop its expertise in-house as the world’s first and only company offering continuous personal development to drone pilots.”

The firm is also consulting on a new large-scale project to monitor European waters for migrants and drug traffickers. Results are expected soon.

Coptrz’s clients include CNN, Veolia and West Yorkshire Police.

“Our background is 17 years of business-to-business industrial systems solutions,” said Mr Coulson.

“We look at drones and their potential from very much a blue-chip commercial viewpoint. We’re using our vast knowledge to help companies like Martek Marine deliver an amazing contract for a British company – and we’re very much open for business.”