Cobham SATCOM launches new generation SAILOR XTR antenna platform

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Cobham SATCOM has announced the launch of its new SAILOR XTR antenna platform with SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku, the first of a new generation of software-controlled antenna systems designed for quick deployment, operational reliability, simplicity, and best-in-class radio frequency (RF) performance.

The one-metre antenna has a new simplified and robust pedestal for better antenna performance and easier and simpler conversion between Ku- and Ka-bands and is prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT) and new satellite constellations in LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO orbits.

Built-in IoT data protocols such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and RESTful API could make SAILOR VSAT and SAILOR XTR antenna systems a self-reporting item in a typical satcom/IT solution, providing up-to-date detailed antenna information and enabling preventive maintenance, thereby helping to ensure uptime, boost the efficiency of on-board IT systems and contribute to optimised vessel performance.

A new Ethernet port inside of every above-deck SAILOR XTR unit also facilitates new connectivity options, allowing integration of third-party devices such as cellular transceivers and Wi-Fi access points. The additional data from these devices gets securely routed at up to 1 Gbps to an Ethernet port on the SAILOR XTR Below Deck Unit.

The antenna also comes with a new XTR Antenna System Control Module (ASCM) with a hardware encryption key chip mounted inside. The XTR ASCM is networked to all other modules and motors via a star network topology for speed of data exchange and reliability. Importantly, it only accepts Cobham-signed software, which makes it impossible for others to read out the private key, which is programmed into the key chip, thus protecting the antenna from potential cyber-attacks.

Cobham SATCOM reports that it has already successfully installed the first SAILOR 1000 XTRTM Ku on a vessel operating in rough Scandinavian waters. The installation was completed on the M/V Pearl Seaways with owner DFDS in attendance. This latest product launch follows the successful installation of more than 15,000 SAILOR VSAT antennas on all vessel types deployed around the world over the last decade.