CMP is building a new container terminal in Ydre Nordhavn in Copenhagen

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Share on linkedin Malmö Port, CMP, is moving its container operation in Copenhagen to Ydre Nordhavn. The decision is based on the fact that urban development in the inner parts of Nordhavn is now making it relevant.

Moving the container terminal to Ydre Nordhavn will entail filling up new areas and erecting new buildings and equipment in the area.

The nautical conditions, such as depth of water and an easy approach, are really good in Ydre Nordhavn. This means that CMP will be able to receive even larger ships in the future and says it is essential for the customers that they have as much flexibility as possible when designing their services and optimising their shipping fleets.

It also says a port should be located as close as possible to the end users of the freight transported, so that the sea is used as a transport route to as great an extent as possible.

“Copenhagen constitutes the ideal combination of these fundamental requirements. We view establishing the container operation here as absolutely the best solution, in terms of both economic and nautical aspects,” said Johan Röstin, CEO, Copenhagen Malmö Port.

The new terminal will be more automated and this will enable more containers to be handled per hour and better use to be made of the areas.

“The level of service is absolutely crucial for how attractive a terminal is considered to be. This gives us the space to create a modern and efficient terminal with the best technological solutions. CMP will be able to deliver better and more in-depth integration, and overall it will ensure that CMP is the optimum partner for both hauliers and shipping companies,” Johan Röstin concluded.

The new terminal is estimated to be operational in 2020.